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PIFR Theory, KDRs and Exam Preparation

The Private IFR Exam (PIFR) is regarded as one the most difficult in the CASA Exam Syllabus. Whether you are self studying or completing a PIFR Theory Course, knowledge, understanding and confidence is key for a successful exam attempt. If you are engaged in pilot training and are currently studying to attempt (or re-attempt) the Private IFR Exam, AvPrep can tailor a package of lessons with a dedicated aviation tutor to help close knowledge gaps, gain understanding and inspire confidence in your ability to pass the PIFR Theory Exam.

Ideal candidates for PIFR theory tutoring are student and private pilots engaged in the following:

  • IREX / PIFR Theory Course
  • Integrated Pilot Training Course
  • Non-Integrated Pilot Training
  • PIFR Theory Self Studying
  • Private Instrument Rating Training
  • Time Poor / Isolated / Remote Learners

Rules and regulations are constantly updated by the governing bodies of aviation in Australia. Before considering any of our aviation theory products, AvPrep thoroughly recommends the purchase of the most up to date, brand new text books as well as the latest versions of all permitted materials made available by Air Services. To purchase these items, please contact Skylines Aviation Supplies.

For more information regarding the permitted materials in the IREX examination, please visit the CASA website.

AvPrep also offers Instrument Rating Exam (IREX) Training and Tutoring.

About AvPrep

AvPrep delivers online aviation theory tutoring using Zoom. We also conduct on-site aviation theory courses.

We have a team of tutors, experienced pilots, flight instructors and industry professionals, ready to deliver learning outcomes specific to your needs to help you develop skills, close knowledge gaps and gain confidence both the CASA and RAAus study material.

Although we are based in Melbourne, the power of online learning brings our tutors to you.

Whether you are a student, recreational, private or commercial pilot, we all learn differently. Having a your own, dedicated, one-on-one tutor will complement self-studying for an exam or turbo charge a theory course for both integrated and non-integrated training.

Is English your second language?

AvPrep can arrange for a tutor who can speak your native language to make things more comfortable for you and assist you in the learning process. Languages other than English currently available are Punjabi and Hindi. (Mandarin and Cantonese speaking tutors are soon to be available)

Looking for a Private Instrument Rating Course? Look no further…..

AvPrep thoroughly encourages prospective Instrument Rating students to inquire with our good friends at Fast Aviation, Lismore.

Visit their website HERE!

PIFR Theory Tutoring

If you are interested in Private IFR Exam (PIFR) theory training: